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Gun Control and the State of Our Nation

February 11, 2013


If you scan the news, even briefly, it’s hard to miss the spree of killings lately. It seems that every other day, our kids are getting killed, or some “quiet neighbor” snapped and shot up a mall. These recent events have once again cast to the forefront, the always passionate issue of gun control. I […]

The Two types of Republican

January 9, 2012


Since the advent of cable, we’ve all heard the old complaint, “182 channels and nothing to watch.” A lot of people just want to tune out and be entertained.  But folks, if your definition of must-see TV consists of shows judging singing, dancing, or anything Seacrest esque, you are part of what’s wrong with America.  I’m here […]

Top 5 Errors Women Make When Posting Pics On Dating Sites.

August 19, 2011


Ladies, I know this may be difficult, but I say this because I care.  Wait…  I say this because I can, and no one can slap me online.  I really don’t care.  In all seriousness though, this may help you.  Just head shots are fine, but it makes us wonder if you’re a full-figured gal, or have an extra […]

Veteran’s Deserve Better

August 15, 2011


What follows is my experience at the Las Vegas VA office next to 916 Owens Ave.  This was a while ago, but in light of the upcomming holiday, I decided to publish it. It only took about two minutes for the Las Vegas Veteran’s Affairs office to tell me I wouldn’t qualify for medical care.  […]